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sample of 30 students who were in the age bracket of 18 to 25 years. This part will explain the background of research, statement of the research problem, purpose of research, importance of research, limitations of research, definition of terms, and summary. The highest score revealed that the students used it for chatting. Research method The research conducted was Analytical Research and the data was collected with the help of a questionnaire in a cross sectional survey. In addition to profile information, users can design the appearance of their page, and add content such as photos, video clips, music and files. The extend usage of media, usage pattern of SNS, the level of and study habit have been dealt scientifically in this paper. What started out as a hobby for some computer literate people has become a social norm and way of life for people from all over the world (Boyd, 2007). Teacher Effectiveness and Student Performance. 1.3 Statement of Research Problem Social networking is the connection of friends or family together which allow you to communicate easily. A) Yes b).

Effect of social networking sites usage on the studies of Nigerian students. Full-Text Paper (PDF The Impact of Social Media on the Academic. The younger generation discussed in this research paper are school students. The Influence Of Social Networking Sites on High School Students Social and Acad emic. Full-Text Paper (PDF A study on the Impact of Social Networking Sites among High er Secondary Students.

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The findings also will help student to use social networking sites appropriately. According to the responses it can be concluded that social networks if designed and tailored to the specific educational needs of each student SNS can be a useful instrument in improving academic performance of Taj International College. Getting social: THE impact OF social networking usage ON grades among college students. While the institution facilitates education through educational networks within the college like Blackboard, the students are well exposed to online social networks. Conclusion The students, on a whole, gave a more scoring response my favorite restaurant essay paper to using online networks to write their class assignments and inclusion of college related student focused groups and social networks.