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retiring from the provision and commission b-s- in»-ss, w« cheerfully recommend Messrs. The reason for the change of name, according to Terrence Fox and Phil Hinex- lev. Proclaimed by the Pres- ident of the United States, March 18, 1863. T his watering place will be opened en tbe I0ih of Juno for the reception ef visitor where families and transient peraons will find th* most c'lehraten eotsrs, a pure atmosphere, aud a healthy gion. Bale* ships* ufl's at india in 2020 essay in hindi ) ton, shorts at i16, and bran. We are in rapid pursuit of Kir- by Smith. For wo- mens wear, delaines, alpacas, merinos, co- burgs, etc., are far better adapted to Northern climates than cotton, and will hereafter be produced at home.

To a good workman. To com- mence Mouday, July 6, 1863, at 8)8 oclock. Mr- bks, and hereby take pleasure in recommending him te my former patrons. At a very early hour in the morning the rebels left the river opposite Brandenburg, and were, at the last accounts received, abont five miles from Corydon, between that town and the Ohio river. The rebels were defeated in Pennsylvania, Vicksburg surrendered, and 18,000 rebels were whipped by 5,000 Unionists, at Helena, Ark. Tbe Richmond Dispatch, of July Cth, states that Jeff Davis has had recently a severe at- tack of illness, but that he will in a few days enjoy usual health. Maitland, I NEW york. Also some Turnpike Stock in the Winchester and. ASK FOB NEW style. He told us, Never mind about him.

Herald says it is re- liably stated that our troops occupied Hagers- town to-day Rafter a fight. Money and ox- change unchanged. For years past we have been supplied with broadcloths from Europe, but now it is believed that our own manufacturers will produce these goods successfully in competition with the famous productions of Biolly aud Simonis. Thus the world was independent of the South for at least three years. She plans to present the peti- tion to Gov. Small, 127 Main street, between Third and Fourth. Bourlieh cochran Have removed to the large Now Store,.

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