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order evidence does not and instead applies to whether one has rationally assessed the first order evidence. 87 One response is the constitution view of persons, which says persons are constituted by their bodies and by a "first-person perspective the capacity to think of oneself as oneself. 53 According. God's omniscience could presumably include perfect knowledge of the future, leading to Theological determinism and thus possibly contradicting with narrative essays about car accidents human free will. One of the strongest positions of evidentialism is that by William Kingdon Clifford who wrote: "It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence". 71 For Christianity, sin is the source of human problems, while for Buddhism, it is craving and ignorance.

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In the Tractatus Theologico-Politicus, Spinoza writes: "miracles are only intelligible as in relation to human opinions, and merely mean events of which the natural cause cannot be explained by a reference to any ordinary occurrence, either by us, or at any rate, by the writer. 17 There are many forms of monotheism. Indeed, a drunken or hallucinating person could still perceive things correctly, therefore these objections cannot be said to necessarily disprove all religious experiences. The essays, booklets, and books listed here are all online free, so that those who cannot afford them can still have access to them, and so that no one has to pay before they read something that might not be what they really are seeking. . Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 1 Hume doesn't argue that a miracle is impossible, only that it is unreasonable to believe in any testimony of a miracle's occurrence, for evidence for the regularity of natural laws is much stronger than human testimony (which is often in error). It currently publishes four issues per year. Peterson, Michael. 12 13 Paul Tillich 's concept of 'Ultimate Concern' and Rudolf Otto 's 'Idea of the Holy' are concepts which point to concerns about the ultimate or highest truth which most religious philosophies deal with in some way. 35 For James, religious belief is defensible because of the pragmatic value it can bring to one's life, even if there is no rational evidence for. Philosopher's Index, indexes and abstracts books and journals of philosophy and fields such as ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy, political philosophy, epistemology, and metaphysic logic. 5 The term " Philosophy of Religion roland barthes new critical essays " did not come into general use in the West until the nineteenth century, 6 and most pre-modern and early modern philosophical works included a mixture of religious themes and "non-religious" philosophical questions.

RightNow Media RightNow media is a collection of approximately 10,000 video titles in areas ranging from Bible studies, leadership, evangelism, marriage and family, college and singles, and more. Index Islamicus, international bibliography of over 3,400 publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world, including history, beliefs, societies, cultures, languages and literature with coverage dating back to 1906. The view that religion and morality are often opposed has been espoused by atheists like Lucretius and Bertrand Russell as well as by theologians like Kierkegaard who argue for a ' teleological suspension of the ethical '. This strand of natural theology attempts to justify belief in God by independent grounds.