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bayonets catch on during final US presidential debate". Retrieved November 29, 2010. "Mitt Romney announces bid to be US president in 2012", BBC. Other issues included long-term federal budget issues, the future of social insurance programs, and the, affordable Care Act, Obama's marquee legislative program. "Overheard on m: What brought down Gingrich's campaign? The major issues debated were the economy and jobs, the federal budget deficit, taxation and spending, the future of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, healthcare reform, education, social issues, immigration, and foreign policy. Jackson, David (April 4, 2012) "It's official: Obama clinches Democratic nomination", USA Today. 122 123 However, after Colorado and Nevada were called for wireless mesh network research paper the President (giving Obama enough electoral votes to win even if Ohio were to leave his column in tandem with Obama's apparent lead in Florida and Virginia (both were eventually called for Obama Romney acknowledged. 83 The tax-exempt non-profit Americans for Prosperity, a so-called "outside group that is, a political advocacy group that is not a political action committee or super-PAC, ran a television advertising campaign opposing Obama described by The Washington Post as "early and relentless". These were short-lived due to activity and anger from the Republican base and may have contributed to the selection of Donald Trump as their presidential candidate four years later.

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"Listen to Candidate Roemer". 27 Although Romney had been expected to win in at least Iowa and New Hampshire, Rick Santorum won the non-binding poll at caucus sites in Iowa by 34 votes, as near as can be determined from the incomplete tally, earning him a declaration as winner. 2012 Presidential Election, Results by Congressional District. "Newt Gingrich wins South Carolina. A few of the primary challengers surpassed the president's vote total in individual counties in several of the seven contested primaries, though none made a significant impact in the delegate count. Rick Santorum Is Declared Winner of Iowa Caucuses by State Party Leaders" (January 21, 2012). As the incumbent president, Obama secured the Democratic nomination with no serious opposition.

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