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in the lack of motivation at school and their education. Potential voters bombarded by a multitude of facades put on by professional role-players trying to snatch the largest demographic That has, however, not stopped us from being the great nation that we are. When our fathers created the constitution, they dreamt of a great nation, and true to their sacrifices, we have a great nation The America I believe in!

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American, literature- 7September 24, 2013Is, america the, best.
Country?Dear Will McAvoy, Is, america the best country in the world?
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In preparing for a strong nation, the parent inspiration essay Spanish-American War had enclosed their -, although our country may have its faults, America is definitely the greatest country in the world. What makes it even greater is that it does not matter who you are. "I just don't want to be nerd or the teacher's pet." (I have already heard that!). You can look for things like; has there been any changes with time that others are writing about or if your point of view is different or similar with the rest. The respect we have for the constitution and the law leaves nothing to be desired. There is no other way to explain an entity such as Big Tobacco selling sticks of paper loaded with carcinogens that can cause someones father, mother, sister, or brother to die slowly and painfully. You can be required to come up with an essay that is entirely based on your own opinion about a particular topic. You cannot write on a topic that you barely know. In extreme cases students will drop out of school and therefore completely disregard their education and their future. The existence of opinion essays is mainly to prove your point that is your thesis and this should be clearly outlined in the opening paragraph. Reaching to the years of massive expansions, America had grown tremendously with goods and services.

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