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the last one is pretty true, and I might tell you what provoked it in a way. In part, the differences between the 1832 account and the later accounts may have something to do with the differences between the written and the spoken word. Indeed, Joseph stated that he became somewhat partial to Methodism. A particular complication was the possibility that the Church Educational Institutions could lose their tax-exempt status due to discrimination. quot;s from LDS Church leaders, the Book of Mormon also has many statements that contradict the simple "all are alike unto God". 1838 account ( Joseph SmithHistory 1:17 1835 account (Joseph Smith, Sketch Book of the use of Joseph Smith,., Journal, Nov. If we are to accept the LDS Church as God's one true church on the earth, and is indeed lead by prophets that communicate with our Father in Heaven, then we think we deserve more of an answer. Southerners who had converted to the Church and migrated to Utah with their slaves raised the question of slavery's legal status in the territory. Privately, church leaders such as as Joseph Fielding Smith and Harold. Allen, Eight Contemporary Accounts of the First VisionWhat Do We Learn from Them?

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We are left with two choices - either the priesthood ban was God's idea or came from man. 1949) Official Statement of First Presidency issued on August 17, 1951, reads: "The position of the Church regarding the Negro may be understood when another doctrine of the church is kept in mind, namely, that the conduct of spirits in the pre-mortal existence has some. Few people are comfortable with that idea. Concerned by his sins and unsure which spiritual path to follow, Joseph sought guidance by attending meetings, reading scripture, and praying. Some of the sports teams BYU played against demonstrated against the ban by refusing to play or wore armbands. If I were to attempt that the Lord would remove me out of my place, and so he will any other man who attempts to lead the children of men astray from the oracles of God and from their duty." -Wilford Woodruff The essay does. And then the next Thursday-we meet every Thursday-the presidency came with this little document written out to make the announcement-to see how we'd feel about it-and present it in written form. 1, in addition to the firsthand accounts, there are also five descriptions of Joseph Smiths vision recorded by his contemporaries. However, the Kirtland Temple was not a "temple" as we think of one today. There are at least 10 separate sets of passages in scriptures unique to the LDS faith that discuss the black skin as a curse and several that link the curse to Cain.