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dependent, not independent. Lots of times, my students use a semicolon when they really need a comma. It separates this new clause from the rest of the sentence. Her favourite books are Pride and Prejudice, a satire; The Queen of the Damned, a horror story; and Of Mice and Men, a novella. A comma is used to indicate a short pause between an independent and dependent clause. For example: Jane's birthday was yesterday; she turned ten. To half separate an idea, but still in the same thought Example: Delila was in the park; she was never going to leave. Colons are used in sentences to introduce that something follows like a"tion, example or a list. "I'm having a day off work today; the first in two weeks!" The semicolon splits these two stand alone clauses in this sentence. I bought a lot of meat at the store: bacon, turkey, chicken and tuna.

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The most important thing, however, is to be consistent. If I don't clean it up before this weekend, I'm afraid the roaches might do it for me! Semicolons are used to separate two independent clauses that hold the same idea, thus keeping them in the same sentence. Independent clauses are a series of words that can stand alone as sentences. Here is another example which does not use a transition word in between the two sentences. When using a semicolon to combine 2 sentences, a transition word isn't required but can make the sentence flow more smoothly.

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