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other hand, I would argue that it's unreasonable to expect governments to give more money to museums when they have got more important things to spend people's taxes. Others believe students work better when they have a friendly relationship with their teacher. 1 billion people are overweight. Following this debate, I agree that a teacher should be an approachable person that nevertheless induces a healthy sense of fear and respect in their students, and I hope this balance will be present in the teachers of the future. In this essay I will discuss two priorities for the government's support of the cultural heritage in our community.

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In the future, a tax could be a possible option but it would be tolerated better once citizens are educated about the benefits of fewer cars and a more pedestrianised centre. It would also be crucial to enlist experts able to relate to adolescents or they might actually have an adverse effect. Advantages of proposed dress code image of college. Characters, prologue, prologue, act 1, act 1, Scene 1, act 1, Scene. Act 3, Scene 5, act 4, act 4, Scene. Reserve 1-2 hours every day for Daily Answer Writing aas essay Challenge and Weekly Essay Writing Challenge This will surely help you. A second alternative would be to levy a tax on parking in the city. The first possible action is to improve physical education teaching in schools. I have grave concerns that without a dress code outlining suitable footwear choices, further accidents may be inevitable. Act 2, Scene 6, act 3, act 3, Scene. (Please read others Essays and exchange your ideas and opinions. High school instructors in Shanghai, for example, have an extremely rigid teaching style that involves disciplining students for every mistake they make, no matter how small.