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supported by the various government and non-government organizations in India. There should be safety and security arrangement for girls at all the public places. However, women have been the victim of female foeticide, rape, paragraphs in academic essays sexual harassment, dowry deaths, etc in her own shaped civilization. It was so because of the increasing crimes against women such as female foeticide, dowry deaths, rape, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination and many more. A girl performs her both duties personal as well as professional very loyally which makes her extra special than boys. Sabla Scheme launched by the Ministry of Women and Child Development in 2011 aiming to empower adolescent girls through education. She should be saved, loved and respected for the betterment of society and country. Extreme poverty in the society has created social evil against women as dowry system which worsens the situation of women.

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Girls should be considered as equal as boys by their parents and given same opportunities in all the working areas. Rahman Official Website, a old essay prompts for samford university two-time winner of the Academy Award (Oscar. Illiteracy is another issue which can be removed through proper education system for both genders. However, there is no doubt in saying that a woman is more necessary than man as without her we cannot think about the continuation of human race as she gives birth to human. Girls become more obedient than boys and have been proved less violent and arrogant. People should save girl child and respect girl child as they have power to create a whole world. Why to Save Girl Child, a girl child should be saved by people in the society for various reasons: They are not less capable than boys in any field and give their best.

It has created gender inequality in the society and has been very necessary to remove by bringing gender equality. Girls are generally believed to be involved in the cooking and playing with dolls while boys to be involved in the education and other physical activities from the ancient time. This scheme was launched by the government of India on 22nd of January in 2015 in order to generate awareness for girl child as well as improve the welfare of women. Parents generally think that girls are only to spend money thats why they kill girl child before or after birth in many ways (female infanticide, dowry deaths, etc).

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