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false confessions from leading to wrongful convictions. Forensic odontology, which purported to match bitemarks in human flesh to a suspects teeth, has now been relegated to the history books. Later, for a suspect or defendant to merely possess such insider information can be misread as highly incriminating. Steven Drizin, clinical professor at Northwestern University of Law, and cofounder of its. What can we do as citizens to help change the criminal justice system which have caused these inexcusable errors and destroyed the lives and future of innocent people? Putting science into it is critical, as the National Academies of Science report brought into sharp relief. One Hundred Years Later: Wrongful Convictions after a Century of after a Century. Research Assignment amp; Types of Information - EN101 Prof. Drizin says he and Leo would like to demythologize confession, to take it from its undeserved position as the queen of proofs, and get the system to recognize that its just another piece of evidence. Accessed October 29, 2015.

Its taken so long for it to percolate. Garretts recent research on contamination is likely to be the straw that breaks the camels back for law enforcement who resist recording. It includes sequential double-blind lineups and is now considered a model. All interviews and interrogations also must be taped or investigators must document their reasons for not doing. Of those 311 cases, they nbsp; Wrongful Convictions Essay Example for Free - convictions. Case Fight, at this time the attorney will go forward with your case and fight it in court. But theyre probably correct that a lot of prosecutions would collapse. Faigman believes it is because forensic evidence is predominantly offered by prosecutors, and most judges are either former prosecutors or certainly sympathetic to their needs. Experts find recurring themes in these cases, and safeguards in the system become speed bumps at best.