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management for widely distributed systems Prof. Bacon, km TR-600 Hermes: a scalable event-based middleware Prof.

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Laboratory research student s, phD is not listed here, then it might have been dealt with by the Mathematics Degree Committee (this includes any pre-1987.
Laboratory, phD ) or by the Engineering Degree Committee (this applies to some early ones in the Digital Technology Group).
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Briscoe TR-904 A multilayer approach to geo-social networks: models, metrics and applications Prof. Paulson TR-816 Towards a worldwide storage infrastructure Prof. Spärck-Jones TR-484 Stretching a point: aspect and temporal discourse. It forms the base of the purpose of cause and effect essays all domains as without networking we cannot expand our communication network. Briscoe TR-530 A uniform sematics for Verilog and vhdl suitable for both simulation and verification Prof. Greaves, Mac TR-775 On the application of program analysis and transformation to high reliability electronics Prof.