sad emotion essay

look at good transfer essays neutral, happy or angry expressions. What would you report on, then. . I believe it quite possible to have large doses of all four emotions. .

Sadness is as much part of the life as happiness

sad emotion essay

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In our culture, such a man may be given a week off from work to recover, while in the Pacific blank top writing paper printable islands he may get his year. For low levels of Anger people speak of testy, ticked off, bugged, growly. . American Journal of Psychiatry (152 34151. I also learned that one can live with high levels of fear and not be aware. . This is how the people in prison camps died. .

It means I like being sad and wanna feel this emotion too.
And so do you all.
The two poems successfully bring about the emotions of sadness and loss by conflic ting feelings dealing with death.
Both the poems are narrated from the.
Sadness is, contrary to popular belief, a natural emotion or feeling.

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