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shows 1936 had more days above 100 degrees Fahrenheit than any other year. Continue » Without presenting it to the.S. Continue » Environmental groups, fresh off rejuvenating victories on the climate front, now face a political world aligned against them. Continue » A fundraising appeal to help preserve St Kilda in Scotland has begun after research showed catastrophic crashes in seabird numbers linked to climate change. Continue » There is yet hope that America will choose to capitalize on its massive energy reosurces and keep energy costs down to facilitate competitiveness on the world stage. The drought has affected 330 million people. Yet he is among the leaders of a Senate cabal seeking to discredit climate skeptics.

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Continue » Could the climate-alarmist-predicted one-two punch of anthropogenic CO2-induced global warming and ocean acidification, acting together, negatively impact the benthic foraminifers of oceans? Continue » EPA workers made at least two major mistakes when they intentionally penetrated Gold King Mine in August 2015: The agency-led crew didn't test for pressure in the mine mouth and mistakenly dug at the bottom. Continue » The global battle against climate change has passed a historic turning point with China's huge coal burning finally having peaked, according to senior economists. But the latter writing your doctoral dissertation may be establishing themselves here. Continue » Widespread misreporting of harmful gas emissions by Chinese electricity firms is threatening the country's attempts to rein in pollution. Brazilian officials say the disease is being triggered by Zika, a little-known virus borne by mosquitoes. Continue » A new study of the effects of projected changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration, agricultural technology and climate reports significant positive results for the production of wheat in northwest Iran. Continue » Global warming is causing swathes of jellyfish to flock to British beaches as warmer seas attract the stinging menaces.