advantages and disadvantages of having money essay

management advice includes diversification, spreading investments over several different areas so that potential losses in one can be offset with gains in another. This causes the value reduction in local and current reserves of Gold and US or any other valued reserves. Ielts Writing Task 2 with sample answer. This is not a good idea that you owe loan on high interest rates and spend it in unnecessary things or purchasing. Whereas funds invested in CD's Money Market accounts and so on are generally subject to penalties if an early withdrawal is neccessary.

You get a Debit card that you can use for shopping instead of having to carry cash in your purse. The financial resources needed to start and grow a business can be extensive. You can purposefully open a savings account that does not have an ATM card linked to it to make withdrawing the funds less convenient. Secondly, the affluent man can contribute to the society.

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advantages and disadvantages of having money essay

It also helps to Govt. To give an illustration of what I mean, let us look at the issue of unemployment. 12 people found this useful, money saved in a bank is generally insured up to 100,000. It helps you to be recognised and noticed. Once your business is well known it is important to come up with other new unique points to keep customers reeled in and interested in your business. Also, most banks offer at least a small percentage of interest earned on money they hold for one. In, If you save it in an account, you can gain interest. The money you save is lent out as loans to help out others. This is my advice. There are some great minds out there in this category that need to have the resources to excel.

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