csu essay prompt

which allows you to work as quickly as you like or take the whole time while submitting assignments on your schedule makes the large amount of work required for a course manageable. The unit assessments for most of the classes included 10 multiple choice questions along with 4 essays. Ic hecked numerous schools and their tuition was the best deal I could find. Yes - No 6 of 14 people found the following review helpful 3 10 Anonymous (In Progress) on April 14, 2010 (email verified) Materials: Teachers: Institution: Support: Value: Technology: be careful I would recommend being very careful with the reason you choose this school. I have worked Lon NGO and hard for this degree and it as been worth every tear I have shed. I currently hold.0 GPA and have only 5 classes remaining in my degree plan (2 of which are in the process of being completed). Its convient and super easy to figure out! If I made low marks on quizzes its becasue I waited to the last minute. Do not choose or reject this school based on what some "don't know" about the types of accreditation out there, AND most importantly what they mean.

They honored my military training, cleps and previous college courses. Usually you apply with a school and attend. For those that complain about open book or easy course work lets take a look at real life. I had a colleague who went to another school and had to buy the same textbook I got free via CSU. Some teachers in GE studies (especially Science) want you to write several 300-600 word essays but other than that it is a great way to take advantage of a higher level of education at an affordable rate. Yes - No 8 10 Anonymous (In Progress) on April 1, 2007 Materials: Teachers: Institution: Support: Value: Technology: BBA / Human Resources Great on line school that does support the students 100. Please allow to to begin by saying that this program is exceptional not only for online colleges but for all colleges. To see transferable courses, start by choosing a community college. The book grant is a great value. Prior to CSU I completed 18 credit hours at another regionally accredited college and let me tell you, it was nothing compared to CSU. I would recommend this University to anyone interested in pursuing higher education while simultaneously being employed in todays fast paced economy.

My grades and courses were easily transferrable and accepted when I applied for. Yes - No 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful 10 10 67bluechips (In Progress) on May 24, 2009 Materials: Teachers: Institution: Support: Value: Technology: Outstanding! Teachers were great, and the way the program was formatted, you could work at your own pace through the weekly assignemnts as your schedule permitted. I have an AA from a private, regionally accredited university, and CSU programs are as challenging. Government accepts it 110 for my position. If youre looking to transfer from CSU, pick a school thats highly associated with on-line learning, and you should find success with your educational goals. I am now a current CSU student and must admit that at first the classes I was required to take to meet my DAP requirements were not that different from the Tech School I'd attended when first graduating high school.