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explain that I had many tumors in my liver, pancreas, and chest. 1 In more recent years, because coming out as a lesbian or gay man is now far less risky in most Western countries, the day is more of a holiday. Anna is toughstoic, introverted, methodical, deep-keeled. Got any more cases today? As the CEO of the startup Mighty AI in Seattle, I was on a roll and having a blast. What is many tumors? He looked at it, waved, turned, and ran back in to the hospitalIll catch you later! Not right now, I said. Back home, my back pain became severe, and I started noticing nerve pain in my legs. "Do we need a National Coming Out Day?

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He had developed a rare syndrome, called Gerstmanns, where, after Id removed his brain tumor, hed begun showing several specific deficits: an inability to write, to name fingers, to do arithmetic, to tell left from right. Nothing would make me happier than to get back in the drivers seat of my charmed life at home, work, and with friends and family. My wife and two daughters nicknamed me the worm. I put Getz/Gilberto on the radio, and the soft, sonorous sounds of a saxophone filled the room. Neurosurgery would be impossible for a couple of weeks, perhaps months, perhaps forever. Wanna take a look, Doc?