essay about responsibilities of a good student

for yourself or for studying. Thus, students can render valuable services to the cause of the nation. Students have great strength to oppose these evils of society. Duties towards themselves, duties towards the family, duties towards society and nation. School life is the right time to make proper choice of ones career. They keep their mind open. An ideal student participates in many of this activity which is possible for them. The consequences would be just as bad as not getting good grades and maybe even worse! First, is getting good grades.

essay about responsibilities of a good student

If students did these things they would get a better education. They are always helpful and cooperative with everyone. They also check their freedom. The typical students would be interested in taking participate in the games and sports.

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He goes to the play ground with the same pleasure and teaching essay strategies enthusiasm with which he studies in the library. An ideal student is not a frog in a well but a person with greater visions and ideals. It is only in the times of national crisis that may they give up their studies and take the active part in politics. When something does happen, such, we will write a custom essay sample. He does not keep association with such elements whose purpose is to damage the cause of education. He is regular and punctual.

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