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/- Total cost Component cost Material cost Fabrication cost.11620/ -. When electricity is passed through a coil, it generates a magnetic field. Introduction Conventional Engine Concept An Internal Combustion is an engine where combustion of fuel occurs with an oxidizer in combustion chamber that is an integral part of working fluid flow circuit. Connecting ROD In a reciprocating engine, the connecting rod is used to connect the piston to the flywheel. Windings on core The force that sets up the magnetic field depends on the number of turns on the coil and the magnitude of the current flowing. Name of the Parts Material Used Qty. 60 2 TN P.5 m r2 Where, m mass of fly wheel r radius of fly wheel.085 m.12. Takara,., Electromagnetic piston engine, 2000, Google Patents.

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Relay A relay is an electrically operated switch. Krause,.C.W., Oleg; Sudhoff, Scott D; Pekarek, Steven, Analysis of electric machinery and drive systems. Maximum efficiency obtained was.81. Acceleration is done by controlling the timer which controls the relay. Piston The hollow piston casing is made up of non-magnetic stainless steel. Also, by inserting more permanent magnets in series on the piston will enhance the output of the engine. Support frame The support parent inspiration essay frame is made up of cast iron.

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