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or they ask what were those Nazis and military contractors really up to? A rem ( Roentgen Equivalent Man ) is the standard unit of measure in the radiation sciences; it is related to the rad. . The JFK issue was no exception. Apparently, our high tech revolution has the aliens to thank in some measure. . 1969's More and Ummagumma albums credit the band as Pink Floyd, produced by The Pink Floyd, while 1970's Atom Heart Mother credits the band as The Pink Floyd, produced by Pink Floyd. Just before the Apollo 11 mission, nasa sent a monkey into Earth orbit, to spend 30 days there. . All I have seen is derision from the moon hoax debunkers and other establishment defenders to Brian's posthumous revelation, but Brian had very good and intimate reasons to doubt the official versions of space events. . George Washington was probably Americas richest man when he became president. .

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On that issue of those hypothetical projectile velocities, Ginenthal was correct, and Oberg dead wrong. . However, I have spent more than a hundred hours looking at the evidence over the years, and I think that the most compelling and fruitful avenues of investigation today include: Only three steel-framed buildings have collapsed due to fire in world history - all WTC. The official story is that the military-jacketed round was fired by Oswalds rifle, entered JFKs back, exited his throat, entered John Connallys back, made several wounds and shattered bones, to somehow lodge in Connallys clothing, to be found how to use quotations in a research paper in virtually undamaged condition on an unused. "Where did the name "Deep Purple" come from?". Soon after those men made their confession, I heard a European UFO investigator talk about that event. . Josef Mengele, of Auschwitz fame, may have known Jones and may have consulted at Jonestown.

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