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form of injury, still only 44 of these cases resulted on an arrest. Cross and Newbold (2010, as cited in crim215 course notes, 2010, Module 3 found that of the calls that violence and assaults occurred, only 20 of these matters resulted in an arrest. The subject of police discretion was discovered in 1956 by the American Bar Foundation and has been an important problem in criminal justice since that time. This directive was put in place due to the negative impact it was having on the Police service when officers were overusing their discretionary powers. It will look at why these issues are present and what has been implemented to try and tackle the problem. They may have a dislike for the police and be uncooperative with Police but they may be more likely to respond to help offered by the other agencies, such as Woman's refuge and victim support. Activities initiated by police are followed up more than activities initiated by citizen complaint.

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Police discretion is a constant consideration within.
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Police discretion both have benefits and detriments depending.
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The application of this use by a police officer creates enormous criticism. If police decide to use discretion, that this may be seen to be the soft option and therefore undermining the authority of the police. This is because the police officer uses his discretion in many situations and takes actions based on his own decision. When circumstances surrounding offences are taken into account, discretion can and should be considered in many of these cases. The three variables are offender variables, situation variables, and system variables. People in middle upper income. Sometimes the public wants no enforcement, and other times they want strict enforcement. Available from: p?vref1 Accessed Reference Copied to Clipboard.

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