persuasive essay on video games and children

the process of entering in the game, and in clinical cases the loss of individuality as a result. In many games, the levels of difficulty are adjustable. . Some online games are even played internationally, and this can introduce your kid to players of different nationalities and cultures. . Finally, video games seem to be linked to better intellectual functioning and academic achievement. A Bristol University research shows that the gamification of learning can reduce the activity of a particular brain network which is responsible for mind wandering. In other words, watching violent programs or playing violent video games can lead to the emergence of aggressive feelings, reactions and inappropriate behavior of children. Finally, according to a study, gamers actually tend to be more social, more successful and more educated than people who make fun of them. Hand-eye coordination, fine motor and spatial skills. Video games help children with dyslexia read faster and with better accuracy, according to a study by the journal Current Biology. Video games that require your kid to be active, such as Dance Dance Revolution and Nintendo Wii Boxing, and games that use Kinect, give your kid a good workout. All these factors need to be taken into account, and then the player must then coordinate the brains interpretation and reaction with the movement in his hands and fingertips.

Persuasive, essay : Video, games
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Persuasive essay on video games and children
persuasive essay on video games and children

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The act of violence is done repeatedly. Video games give your child a beware of the dog roald dahl essay feeling of happiness or well-being, which is a human psychological need, according to Berni Good, a cyberpsychologist. Moreover, the survey has shown that violent video games cause a qualitatively different level of psychological dependence, in contrast to logical games or any kind of non-game computer activities. Some video games teach kids the wrong values. . Do They Affect Our Behavior? However, the evidence is not consistent and this issue is far from settled. The house three doors down was the unsuspecting target of the foul balls we would hit when we use to play home run derby. When your kid vents his frustration and anger in his game, this diffuses his stress.