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to be in error and criminal, and demanding a point-for-point rebuttal by lien debtor and proof of basis. That the eternal, unchanged principles of Commercial Law are: a) A workman is worthy of his hire. But even though it would be feasible to involve the court system to adjudicate such disagreement, no one seeking justice really would want to do so because the court system has become extremely costly, very slow and corrupted by the conniving convolutions of man-made rules. The answer of chiles, declaring that he had none of the bonds in his possession, set forth:. Appendix.8 - Model Commercial Lien This example is based upon California statutes. Don Smith expands upon the theory as follows: "The object is to create a civil contract (not tort) liability for the government agent for violating your constitutional rights, which rights are probably not part of the agreement that you signed, and is the reason the.

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This fits very well with our strategy of "creating your own creative alternatives" when confronted with certain bureaucratic obstacles. The first marriage license in the United States was issued in 1863. most of the bonds were indorsed and sold according to law, and paid on presentation by the United States prior to 1860. Second, if you file such a lien, you may temporarily get the attention of the public official (and some headlines) but you ultimately risk looking like a "crank." Rather than aiming to win "big you may be more effective filing 10,000 or 100,000 liens. Most Sincerely, s/ Charles Ronald Gray, Sui Juris, Jus Soli, Jus Sanguinis C/O 897 Edgewood Ave.,.E., Atlanta, Georgia Teste Meipso fulton county ) ss: state OF georgia ) Subscribed and affirmed to before me this _day of 1992. Each action - denial, violation or trespass, is a separate high crime or misdemeanor, brought together in this count as violations against the constitution. "Liens were also placed on property owned by the towing service operator who seized the truck and on the man who bought the truck at the tax auction.