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movie idea, let's say our main idea is a teacher essay writing romantic comedy about two high school sweethearts. Identify which statements are premises, sub-conclusions, and the main conclusion. It's that bit of information the producers want us to hold onto that will allow us to build excitement for the movie and remember with ease the main point of the film. Dordrecht; New York: Springer. International Journal of Learning and Media. 33 In the 1990s, Tim van Gelder and colleagues developed a series of software applications that permitted an argument map's premises to be fully stated and edited in the diagram, rather than in a legend.

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He also introduced terminology that is still current describing convergent, divergent and serial arguments. Critical thinking concepts : In learning to argument map, students master such key critical thinking concepts as "reason "objection "premise "conclusion "inference "rebuttal "unstated assumption "co-premise "strength of evidence "logical structure "independent evidence etc. ; Krabbe, Erik. Lesson Summary So let's wrap up what we've covered in this video. 19 Anglophone argument diagramming in the 20th century edit Dealing with the failure of formal reduction of informal argumentation, English speaking argumentation theory developed diagrammatic approaches to informal reasoning over a period of fifty years. " gibis : a hypertext tool for exploratory policy discussion". 23 Toulmin introduced the concept of warrant which "can be considered as representing the reasons behind the inference, the backing that authorizes the link". The explicit premise 1 is conjoined with additional unstated premises a and b to imply. The uses of argument (Updated.). Incorporate specific, concrete evidence from the novel to support your arguments.

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