aram harrow phd thesis

on the arXiV, talks available online. Harrow, Peter Williston Shor.

Quantum Compiling, aram, harrow Applications of coherent classical communication and the Defense: Anand Natarajan - MIT Events

Aram harrow phd thesis
aram harrow phd thesis

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MIT, 6C-442, you are cordially invited to attend the following thesis defense. The performance of the quantum adiabatic algorithm on spike Hamiltonians. About, i am a computer scientist with research interests in algorithms (both classical and quantum isomorphism problems, algebraic problems, alternate oracle models, query complexity, state preparation, symmetrization and quantum circuits. Quantum Algorithms for Tree Isomorphism and State Symmetrization. Increasing the quantum unsat penalty of the circuit-to-Hamiltonian construction. Presented by Zi-Wen Liu, date: Thursday, May 3, 2018, time: 10:00.

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