basic middle school essay graphic organizer

read. Pie Charts : If the task involves showing divisions with a group, use a pie chart. Concepts taught: asking questions Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Language Catch phrase translation Concepts taught: overlapping, use of line, cross curricular Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Art Presidents of the United States Concepts taught: Students will utilize the Internet to gather information in order to create products. Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Reading/Writing Five Days of Mail? Vocabulary Map : Graphic organizers can be useful in helping a student learn new vocabulary words, having them list the word, its part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, etc.

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Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Social Studies Exploring Japanese Culture Concepts taught: The application of Internet skills, and demonstration of knowledge obtained from the Internet. (Of course, it you choose to, you can simply print the template and students can write on the form with pen or pencil.). Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Reading/Writing Virtual Spanish Museums Concepts taught: History of Spain, designed for Spanish class Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Language Art and Artists Concepts taught: Grade Level: Middle, Subject: Art Narrative Writing Lesson Concepts taught: cooperative learning, process writing, problem solving Grade Level. T-Chart Diagram : If the task involves analyzing or comparing with two aspects of the topic, use a T-Chart. Before writing, the graphic organizer prompts the student to think about and list the major events in the person's life. Where can bat habitats be found? Example: Examining the similarities and differences between fish and whales, or comparing a book and the accompanying movie.